KACONS specializes in construction, design, consulting, supervision and project management, geological survey of all types of residence & Industrial works. We have designed and constructed many types of residence works: villas (Bao Gia, Seagull, Phan Thiet…), townhouses, buildings for rent. And participated in designing for many large-scale projects throughout the country for Japanese and American partners…: 4* Lam Vien Hotel, Viet Thuan Thanh Office Building, Hoan My Saigon Hospital, Zone factory – warehouse for rent in Long Duc (Japan), Sakura Food Factory – Nha Trang (Japan), Vina Cosmo Cosmetics Factory (Japan)… With a team of staff and engineers who are engineers experience and passion for the profession. The company’s working environment is dynamic, creative and highly professional. With the motto “Prestige-Dynamic-Professional”, we have been building a growing company, always meeting the high requirements of customers.


Add: 2/7 Thiên Phước, Ward.9, Dist.Tan Binh, HCMC

Điện thoại : +84 8 38 639 658

Email : kienan@kacons.vn

Website: kienanxd.vn /  kacons.vn


KACONS brings 4 fundamental values ​​to customers throughout the process of designing, constructing and using the house


Value 1: It is the phase of “Creating design ideas” brought in during the design consultation and construction investment budgeting phase. Value 1 needs to meet 4 criteria:

  • For architecture: Open, bright, green, aesthetic, harmonious and livable
  • For mechanical-electrical-refrigeration:  Comfort, convenience, convenience
  • For structure: Optimal, safe, peace of mind
  • For construction costs: Economic and general, worth the investment

Value 2: Is the phase “Building and forming the hardware of the house” brought in during the construction phase of hardware construction. The value 2 needs 5 controlled criteria:

  • Correct design (when the design is not reasonable, the design adjustment is agreed and confirmed by the project owner)
  • On schedule
  • Safety, creating peace of mind, trust
  • Responsible and professional
  • Diligence and quality

Value 3: Is the phase of “Soul the hardware of the house, creating livable spaces” in the stage of interior installation – decoration – color scheme. The result brings living space, green space to the real house:


  • Comfortable and aesthetic living, dining and living space suitable for dining room, living room
  • Sleeping and resting space needs comfort and quietness for bedrooms and gardens
  • The entertainment space needs comfort and relaxation for the music room, karaoke, library room.
  • All spaces are arranged in a scientific way, airy, natural light, aesthetic suitable for the owner.


Value 4: During the operation-warranty-maintenance phase

One Year Warranty- Lifetime Maintenance

Core value

With the core value of “Professional – Classy”, together with a team of experienced engineers and architects, KACONS is proud to be the design and construction unit for many major projects of domestic and international partners.